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FREE Paper Shredding Event at Dawson Jones - March 3rd

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Dawson Jones is hosting a FREE Paper Shredding Event.

Bring all those documents and papers that need shredding

and get them all professionally shredded by PROSHRED

next Saturday, March 3rd. Details below...

Shred Event with PROSHRED Security at Dawson Jones

Shred event is scheduled for Saturday, March 3rd, between 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM:

Dawson Jones Store Fixtures
2960 Amwiler Rd. NW
Atlanta, GA 30360
(404) 401-5967

What can be shred:

•    Anything made of paper. No need to remove:
o    Staples
o    Paper clips
o    Binder clips
o    Hanging folders (with metal strips)
o    Manila folders
o    Paper board legal binders
o    Spiral notebook binders
o    Thin plastic sheet protectors
o    Books

What cannot be shred:

•    Things that may harm the shred truck.
•    Must remove (in advance)
o    Any 3-ring binders
o    Any X-Rays
o    Anything made of plastic (such as CD cases or plastic folders)
o    Any office supplies (pens, staplers, etc.)
o    Computer cables
o    Old cell phones
o    Batteries (combustible)
o    Food or other garbage